Saturday, December 29, 2007

My other job

I've almost finished the semester at SFSU this fall. I'm still grading papers, though, so it's grinding on for me.

This is the MUNI station that I arrive at. It's the M-line at SFSU. I do like the roof on it, kind of dragon-esque.

Across the street is the Health Education Department, right there in HHS. (Don't ask me what HHS means). So that's home base, but my classes aren't held in that building. This fall, the class was in "Science" (Don't ask me why it's called that). This Spring, it's in "Buisness". I love these building names, they are clear, direct, and utterly misleading.

Carl's Jr. is where I do most of my grading.
For some reason, the height of the counter is just perfect, and I can put in up to three hours at a stretch without torquing my back beyond repair.
And according to Zagat, they have the best fast food burger. I concur.

I get to see a lot of interesting stuff there.

One of my favorite overheard quotes was "Yeah, I was clean and sober once. One day I took a shower before my first drink."

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  1. Happy New Year... Hope you're having fun, and twas great to meet you at the best fast food chain.