Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Life as an Activist

Well, this blog started out because I wanted to document my cross-country move, so that friends could follow along with me as I journeyed from Providence to Ann Arbor to White Sulfur Springs to San Francisco, and many points in between.
In the year that I've lived in San Francisco, what the purpose of the blog is has been less clear to me, but I did use it to help develop some thoughts on ITBLG health issues, such as thinking about national vaccine strategy as it relates to HBV/HPV/HIV, and the remifications, personal and political, of routinizing HIV testing...
I'm going to move it to a new phase now, documenting my own life as an activist, and reflecting on it from my current vantage point.
Below I've listed some of the groups, activities, etc. I've been involved with over the years.
Any feedback on what you'd like to hear more about? Let me know...

The early years

  • letter to Governor King about the Massachusetts Bottle Bill
  • letter to the editor about seatbelts in school buses

The high school years

  • Don't shut down the press
  • Energy conservation
The college years
  • 1987 March on Washington
  • Not Guilty
  • Brown's anti-discrimination policy
  • Yale Queer Studies Conference
  • Report for RI Department of Health on Needle Exchange efficacy

The ActUp years

  • Bill's News Headlines
  • Health Department mandatory testing demo - my first (and only) arrest
  • AZT demo at CVS
  • Network/RI
  • Ed Diprete's campaign for governor
  • Jesse Helms = Philip Morris = Bill of Rights = trouble
  • Pat Buchanan visits TF Green Airport
  • Dan Quayle visits the Biltmore
  • Providence Journal editorial policy
  • so many more...

The transition years

  • Needle exchange
  • CPG planning process
  • RI gay rights law
  • Hate crimes & anti-violence
  • Warwick sex sting
  • River Road public cruising sting

The thesis

  • Measuring heteronormative context

ITBLG Health Movement

  • The summits & academies
  • HBV vaccines at the baths
  • Men's health action committee

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