Monday, November 17, 2008

Particulate matter on my commute

I got to borrow a portable air monitor from work today - it measures PM2.5, or tiny little bits of dust.
So, I figured I'd see how much particulate matter I get exposed to on my commute.

The EPA has set the air quality standard for an average day's exposure at 35 micrograms per cubic meter.

In my office, the levels were about 55, which is pretty high. The other day, they were about 5-8, and I don't know why today was particularly bad.

At the Berkeley BART station, the levels were up at 65, and spiked to 78 or so when the trains came rolling into the station.

The highest levels on my commute, 85-90, were in the Civic Center BART station, and interestingly enough the lowest levels, 25, were right outside the station at UN Plaza.

The level was about 30 in my house, and jumped up to 40 when Tuna came up to say "Hi".

Its a lot more interesting when you're biking along and watching the numbers....

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