Thursday, January 22, 2009

401 in the House

What an exciting week! Filled with visitors from Rhode Island...

Martin has been visiting for a few days, we walked all over town with his friends Sam and Byron, and did a bunch of touristy things on a gorgeous Sunday after dim sum. Then on Tuesday we played badminton at the Y, and last night had a gym date & dinner in the Castro.

Sam from the public health Dep't at Brown came out for a postdoc interview at UCB/UCSF yesterday and we had a grand time catching up. She's doing really interesting work looking at the effect of court-mandated desegregation orders on teen pregnancy rates. I can't wait to read it.

And tonight, I'm going to see Beach Blanket Bablyon with woolverine and ellison. We've got one extra ticket, so if you know me & want to go, don't be bashful. It will only go to waste otherwise...


  1. I know you! I want to go! I'm jealous of Jeff S and Ellison. Oh, but I'm not in SF...

  2. Oh, dang. Wish you were, it would be an awesome night together!

  3. Super fun to see you, Bill. Thanks for coming to the show with us!

  4. Beach Blanket Babylon! Wow, that would be cool, but I neither know you (very well) nor do I live anywhere near you (Kentucky). ;)