Saturday, August 29, 2009


retreat. v. Seconds on dessert. I had a light supper, so I retreated myself with ice cream.

revenue. v. To move an event from its original location. The unexpected douwnpour caused us to revenue the wedding ceremony.

predate. n. The period of time before a date when you can think about nothing else.

distance. adj. Holding both sides of an argument simultaneously. The senator distanced himself on the Health Care debate, hoping that whichever way it went, he'd be able to declare a victory.

promote. adj. Supportive of the political aspirations of dust particles.

reveal. v. Milk feeding the calf of a cow that never left its own mother's teat.

prevent. adj. The hot clammy slap in the face you get coming home to an apartment that's been shut up on a hot muggy day.

represent. v. see retreat above.

propound. n. (Br.) see anti-euro.


  1. I am familiar with the concept of retreating.

  2. I love using old words in new ways! :D