Saturday, May 12, 2012

NC Amendment One

We may have lost North Carolina 61% to 39%, but when you dig down in the numbers and look at the results by neighborhood, there's a tremendous amount of variation, from 5% in favor to 97% in favor.
In the map above, yellow is 50/50, red is more in favor of restricting marriage, green less in favor of restricting marriage.

The green areas you see are mostly urban areas, and most of the rural areas are in the red range.
But there's also a smaller green core to Charlotte than there is to Raleigh/Durham, and the rural areas of the Atlantic Coast and the Appalachian West are more friendly than in the middle of the state.

One conclusion I draw from this is that the generational gap in views on homosexuality may not be nearly as wide as the geographic gaps. What do you see in it?

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