Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day One: San Francisco->Berkeley->Sacramento->Reno

Today was the first day of our trip back East. I packed last night, and then piled everything into the truck this morning. Got a happy surprise from my pal Duncan who was in the Bay Area, we got together for lunch with his brother and step-dad in Berkeley, my first burger of the day.

Itching to hit the road, we set off for Sacramento, and met up with Daniel for my second burger of the day. Both were delicious (well all three if you count Daniel). Sacramento was brutally hot for my taste, and so I was eager to get up into the Sierras to find some cool weather.

The road was steep for my truck, and we spent a lot of time in third gear, with the hazards blinking. Finally crested at Donner's Pass. The memorial plaque there was pretty vague about what went down with the Donner Party, but it was chilling to be reminded of it all.

The Sierras did bring cooler temperatures, but a forest fire in the area filled the entire region with some pretty noxious fine particulate matter, and I am afraid I'll have a rough night sleeping with the scent hanging in the air tonight. Alas, I didn't really get to see the Sierras because we hit the foothills at sunset and it was too dark to make anything out.

Finally pulled in to the Motel 6 in Reno - here's the view of the casinos from my window. I have to say I'm none too impressed with Nevada so far. Prominent billboards advertising DUI defense attorneys, bankruptcy, etc. For a liberty-loving state, seems like there's a lot of lawyers involved.

Eager to see what tomorrow brings. I've seen northern Nevada from planes, and on Google Earth - the terrain looks really strange, so I'm looking forward to getting a closer perspective.

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