Saturday, July 28, 2007

Six, no Five, Days Left

Celebrated Duncan's birthday last night, definitely a bittersweet moment.

I've got to force myself to put these tools away, to focus on purging and packing. It will all happen somehow! At least I'm done with the closet for now.

Yesterday Patti gave me a very nice send-off from the Center for Environmental Studies, we had lunch at the Vietnamese place down the street, and a great conversation about how things are changing at Brown.

Today starts with brunch with Sal (who has a bunch of books I can pillage!), then I'll put the finishing touches on the closet, and try to tackle purging the third floor.

Tuna definitely knows something is up. She's been sticking very close to me. It's very sweet. She's really starting to show signs of arthritis now, but it's still early in the process. She still loves running and swimming, but jumping has become a struggle.

I may have a travel companion from Chicago to Missoula, which would be awesome. Seems like a nice fellow. I think I'd like to take a far north route, from Chicago to Madison, Mineapolis, then Grand Forks, and along route 2 (or is it 4?) to Minot near the Canadian border. Spent time with an atlas trying to map out the route from Missoula to San Francisco, any suggestions? Beauty>speed. I can't drive the truck that fast, anyway.

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