Friday, August 10, 2007

Ann Arbor, MI -> Madison, WI

In Ann Arbor, after a wonderful send-off, I picked up an extra load of cargo from Becca, which I am delivering to San Francisco for her for a modest fee.

Route 94W was quite busy with trucks, so we got off at Jackson and followed 60, which I remember as being quite pretty, but at this point, the specifics escape me.
A brief, and unremarkable, stint through Indiana landed us in Chicago, we went right through a very misty city on 94N at rush hour. Not as bad as I expected. Unfortunately, I called Kat & Shawn too late to connect with them.

Once in Wisconsin, took 50W to14W through the falling evening, more beautiful country, and then a mad night-time dash to find shelter in Madison.
Just so you know, there are no non-smoking rooms at the Motel 6 in Madison, despite claims to the contrary, so I went to bed cranky.

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