Monday, August 6, 2007

Triangle, NY -> Ithaca, NY -> Cleveland, OH -> Ann Arbor, MI

Phew, what a day. Made it to Ann Arbor almost at midnight, where Gene cheerfully greeted me, and he and Gerry fed me royally.

Well, I woke up in Triangle by the side of the road, and then north to my childhood home in Ludlowville. and quickly got underway towards Ithaca,The house has been beautifully restored by some subsequent owner. The apple tree planted when I was five has grown out of control. The falls at Ludlowville are much grander and more stunning than I recall.

Tried to find the Cornell boathouse, in vain.

Eventually, headed off towards route 86 north then west, hit the Pennsylvania line in the early afternoon, and continued on route 90 to Cleveland. I tried to follow route 2 from Cleveland towards Sandusky, but somehow got dumped off the road into nowheresville in the heart of Cleveland. Eventually, I got back on route 2 and followed it to Toledo, a route I recommend highly over route 90.

I saw quite a bit of energy infrastructure, which is of great interest to me. There was a coal plant in Ithaca, on the shores of lake Cayuga. A mountain of coal being shoveled by front-loading bulldozers into the plant.
I saw some win generator blades (excuse me airfoils) at a rest stop. Then, there was a small windmill in downtown Cleveland, looks like it is more for show than power generation.
Finally, happened across a nuclear plant on the shore of Lake Eire. A huge evaporating tower, with a small box of a reactor off to the side. Hauntingly beautiful. I pulled the truck into the plant's driveway to get some good pictures.

Today, on to Chicago and beyond.

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  1. Bill

    Good to know you and Tuna are having a good trip. It's Thursday and I realized I'd miss seeing you today.