Friday, August 3, 2007

Providence, RI -> Bradford, VT

The first leg of our journey was from Providence, RI to Bradford, VT.

It wasn't as hard to leave as I thought it would be. I guess I have anticipated most of the grieving process. Either that or it doesn't really feel like I've left yet. I'm afraid I left my house in an absolute state of swill, so cleaning up will probably take up most of my Thanksgiving vacation!

I picked up the rental truck in the morning, and it is only a 10 foot truck, but it felt pretty huge on the streets of Providence. On the highway I've gotten into the zen of not worrying about the impatient people behind me, after all, I don't want to roll this thing!

199 miles / 14.8 gallons = 13.4 mpg - much better than I was expecting.
and at $3.089/gallon, that's 4.35 miles/dollar. Doesn't sound so good that way.

Bradford is beautiful, although it is muggy here, too, and well into the 80's. A good first pit stop to collect my thoughts before taking on the next 3,000 miles. Friday (August 3rd) we will stay in Bradford, then on Saturday, Tuna, Lily, Mom and I will head up to Montpelier to leave Lily for the weekend, and the three of us will continue on to Schohaire, NY for the family reunion. After the reunion, I'll try to get on to Ithaca before I get wiped out. We'll see. And then on to Ann Arbor, Chicago, and points West.

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