Friday, August 17, 2007

Oakland, CA -> San Francisco, CA

Moving day. And what a day it was! The apartment was just what they advertised, a long thin room with a big window at one end, looking out towards the bay.

I had the freight elevator reserved from 9 to noon, but I couldn’t get my key until 10. So, I loaded up the elevator with as much stuff as I could, and then went through the final paperwork. I got two full loads of stuff up in the elevator, but still had a lot of stuff left over.

So, at that point, I offloaded the rest into the back hallway, and returned the truck to Budget. Budget wanted to charge me for the broken window that had been so much of a pain during the ride over, as well as a scratch that the woman in Providence told me wouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t have the energy to argue, so I just signed and got back to moving.

By the way, here's the total on mileage: 4,622 miles, 357.749 gallons, $1,041.85. In other words, 12.92 miles/gallon, and 4.44 miles/dollar. Ouch. Still, it was better than I had anticipated.

I moved the rest a little bit at a time up the regular elevator, until two pieces of furniture were left, my desk and the blue bureau. Fortunately, some of the guys doing renovations were kind enough to help me get them in and up, so I had everything in the apartment by about 5pm. Exhausted, I took a nap that lasted until morning.

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